Ethical Code

Orto sul terrazzo, e-commerce for  Degrowth


How to save CO2, time and money

With home delivery, buyers do not use their car consuming only one third of the energy wasted by an individual purchase.

Decreasing and self-production

“Orto sul Terrazzo” products are ‘high-utility goods’ capable of:
  - realising at home what we usually buy outdoor;
 - encouraging socially and environmentally virtuous economic cycles;
 - experimenting a different dimension of time rediscovering slowness;
 -saving money.

Reuse  of packaging
Orto sul Terrazzo makes use of recycled and recyclable boxes and packaging material retrieved by other production cycles; the inner packing material is recycled too (e.g. old newspapers). Adhesive tape is made by paper. That is why our packages are entirely recyclable.

Orto sul Terrazzo pro ethical finance.
Orto sul Terrazzo acts as a partner with Banca Popolare Etica (  All the financial transactions  - managed by Orto sul Terrazzo - are carried by ethical finance aimed to help social economy.

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