About us

Orto sul terrazzo has been started up by Filippo and Federica as a consequence of their huge passion for vegetable gardening, practiced for years on their own patio.

Filippo is being working in the ambit of social business – microfinance in particular- since more than 12 years. He worked a lot on social finance. And, above all, he worked abroad where he had the opportunity to experience ways of self- farming in rural contexts directly. He personally verified how rural communities were able to create their own livelihood with few means and a huge will-power.

Federica, inspired by her family tradition, cultivates the important values of reuse and self-production of goods.

Filippo and Federica share a lifetime project and also a huge interest towards the Happy Degrowth Model: a financial and social model that is easily applying individual, familiar and collective level. It tends to reduce consumption and to increase and rediscover values and practical solutions aiming to respect the environment and  to live the most  important aspects of life and nature.

One of the most important values that characterizes the model based on the Degrowth is self-production. Self- production collects all the methods oriented to discover again the independence in creating what we need to live by moving away from the current productive system, by reducing the dependence and by increasing the pleasure on using what it is produced by our hands.

One of the most interesting aspects of self- production is the family cultivation of fruits and vegetables. The creation and cultivation of kitchen-gardens that substitute grassplots is spreading. Citizens are rediscovering the pleasure of having their vegetables cropped in their balconies; it is not only a matter of  raising plants but also of tillage: exsiccation and preservation of produce, production of flour and cornflakes, pressing of grape etc.

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